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 Estas son las actividades diseñadas para la película.



Reflect about the title of the movie: To kill a mockingbird. Find the meaning ot the word “mockingbird”.



Go to  Find basic information about the origins of the writer on which the movie is based. Then, try to find the name of her birth place and locate it on a map, pointing out the state. Answer the question: What is Maycomb?



Choose at least four adjectives from the box and write a paragraph describing each character.

Scout: intelligent - mean - confident - good - lazy - innocent – quiet - moody

Jem: adventurous – curious – selfish – fair – playful – hypocritical – teenager - child



Choose the sentences that best represent the figure of Atticus. Correct the wrong ones using your own words.


A - Atticus is a wise man and he is committed to justice and equality.

b- His parenting style is based on fostering injustice and unequality.

C -Throughout the film, Atticus makes an effort to develop Scout's and Jem's conscience through teaching.

D - Atticus is an unkind and cruel father who beats and shouts at his children.

E - Atticus is a hypocritical man who teaches his children to look down on those who are poor and unprotected.

F - In one occasion, Atticus tells Scout to put herself in a person's shoes before she judges them.

G - Atticus is a loving father who listens to his children and offers them comfort when they need it.

H -Atticus wants to make his children suffer as when he allows Jem to come with him to tell Helen Robinson about Tom's death.



The movie succeeds in transmitting the feeling that the real world is full of superstitions and dark situtations and almost unreal such as the moment when Atticus killed the dog with anger, the children's superstitions about Boo Radley or the Halloween dark night when Bob Ewell attacked the kids. For this purpose, some gothic elements were introduced in the movie which increased the meaning of “Deep South”.



Use a short sentence to describe these characters socially.

Atticus Finch:

The Cunninghams:

The “white trash” Ewells:

Black community:

Answer the following question: Is Calpurnia despised by Atticus?

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